Speaking and Training

"Mark C. Robinson is an entertaining, informative, and dynamic speaker."

Whether motivational, education, or just fun, organizations can choose from a variety of fascinating topics, or have a presentation specially crafted for the message you need to convey.

Mark C. Robinson has experience in a wide range of media including Radio, Television, and Video. Comfortable on camera, stage, and microphone, Robinson can be a treat for any audience


Popular Topics:

Community-to-Business value - C2B - 30 minutes plus questions
Ideal for: Small Business groups.

On of his most powerful and relevant speeches, C2B shows small businesspeople the importance of taking their message of 'community' on to the social web. Businesses have always relied on their community for support. Now, as the definition of community is changing, so must the way we support it, and get support from community."

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Energy and Information - 20 minutes
Ideal for: Business, environmental, renewable energy

Are we doomed? Between global warming, viral epidemics, resource depletion, and the dozens of other threats to our existence how will we survive. The answer, says Mark C. Robinson in this thought-provoking speech is in the unification of the concepts on energy and information. ...as energy technology mirrors the growth of information technology we are headed for an age of ubiquitous energy; all the power we need wherever and whenever we need it..."

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Dog Wheelchairs - 30 minutes plus questions
Ideal for: Veterinarians, Veterinary students, pet care industry.
Mark C. Robinson is the inventor of the Walkin Wheels; the only fully adjustable dog wheelchair. Learn why this device is so revolutionary and how it is changing the pet care industry.
Row - 10 to 20 minutes.
Ideal for: All
Goal Setting has been heralded as one only way to achieve success. "Not So!" claims Mark C. Robinson in this new-perspective speech about how success can be achieved by "going with the flow."'gently down the stream.'

What They Say About Mark Robinson

"I've taken other classes, but Mark taught me how to understand the material at a level I had not been to before. He taught me how to teach myself."

"Mark was very approachable, very knowledgeable, and enthusiastic."

"Great speaker! Willing to adjust to class pace and accepts questions."

"I feel more confident about exploring on my own."

"The instructor was very informative, easy to understand, and not too technical."

"Mark answered all questions thoroughly and made certain all aspects were understood."

"Mark spoke in easy-to-understand terms and didn't make any of us feel like dummies."

Keynotes and Notable Speeches
  • The Awwwwww Factor - Oct 1, 2011
  • The Race for American Jobs & Clean Energy Leadership -
    March 9, 2010
  • National Electric Code - Code Making Panel for 2008 Code - November 2006
  • Department of Energy - June 2007
  • 2005 Solar World Congress
  • LightFair 2005 - New York
  • West Coast Energy Management Congress June 2005
  • 2004 Discovery Showcase. Cleantech Venture - October 2004
  • Association of Energy Engineers - WEEC 2004
  • Congressional Renewable
    Energy & Energy Efficiency
    EXPO - September 2004
  • Solar Power 2004 - August 2004
  • 2004 Utility Energy Forum -
    May 2004
  • Computer Empowerment Seminars 2000 - 2003
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