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Synergy Grid Websites: How they Work

Getting Started Library: Initial Questionnaire,Client Agreement,Complete Editing/Operating Instructions .

The Trend: There was a time when, if we wanted a resume done, we took it to a desktop publishing company for layout and print. Now, that technology has come to the desktop. Similarly, until now, when you needed website work you would call a webmaster. That technology, too, is coming to the desktop. "Solar Powered Sites" from The Synergy Grid can be easily edited and changed by anyone, from the desktop of your Mac or PC.
The Technology: The type of technology we use is called a "Content Management System" or "CMS". This means that basic format of your website, the look and feel is kept in a template. The information in each page; the content, is kept in a database. All of the menus, buttons, and more are handled automatically. The content can be changed or edited by logging in with a username and password and using a familiar word-processor interface to edit the content. The name of the technology is "Joomla" and there are tens of thousands of Joomla sites installed. It's proven, secure, 'bulletproof' technology. Complete Operating And Website Editing Instructions are Here

synergy grid - web design - how it works

The Process:

Our Getting Started questionnaire outlines what we need to think about. You also need to look over our client Agreement.

1. Select a template. We choose from hundreds of templates. You can see several of them in our sample sites on the left. Others can be seen at a template design service we use. See them at Use the pull-down menu at the top of the screen to browse templates. Templates can be changed easily in the future.

2. Customize the template. Together, sometimes withe the help of a designer, we choose the colors and make the template your own.

3. We design a header. At the top of each website, a header contains your logo, some pictures, a message, or appealing design. The design can be animated with flash as you can see in sites like GoSolarGreenNY. If you have a graphic designer, they can help.

4. We add content and photos to the site. We can use your photos, or stock photos from services like

Add ons:

There are hundreds of modules that can be added to the site.

  • Contact Forms
  • Photo Galleries
  • Shopping Carts
  • Blogs, Forums, Calculators, Mailing Lists, and more (See a Partial List)

Growing the site:

In about five minutes, you can learn how to edit existing pages making minor changes and additions. In a second lesson, you'll learn how to add new articles, upload photos, and re-arrange menu items. If you choose to learn more, there is no limit to what you can do. Of course, our services are always available if you would prefer to have it done for you. Complete Operating Instructions are Here.

Unlimited Growth:

There are no limits to the size or scope of this content management system. Whether your website is a few pages or a few thousand pages this system keeps the site navigable and organized.

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Already have a website?Potential customers expect to have an unlimited amount of information available about your product, services, and company. Successful internet marketing includes several crucial components.
  • Attractive and Organized website created by an expert in the field
  • E-Commerce capabilities where applicable
  • High rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN
  • Link Exchange with other related companies
  • Dynamic and applicable support
It's not enough anymore to have a website designed by a good designer. Context is good, but Content is King. Having your website designed by someone with years of expereince in the energy business can inspire confidence and generate sales. The Synergy Grid offers a unique combination of skills and experience, not available elsewhere.
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