Article Spinning

Articles written about you on the web that are unique and link to you are currently one of the keys to getting good search engine rankings. We have invested in a system called an “Article Spinner” which allows us to submit hundreds of unique articles about your product that point to your website.
Here’s how it works:

1Determine the 5 key search words/phrases that people who are looking for you type into Google.

2Verify that these words are currently repeated several times on various pages in your website.

3Write (or have us a write) a 400 – 600 word article that contains these words.

4Make “phrase synonyms.”

If, for example, there is the phrase “renewable energy” used in your website, come up with 5 to 10 phrases that could replace this. For example:
“In the US, many cities have promoted the use of renewable energy systems and efficiency programs.”
Becomes this:
“In the US, many cities have promoted the use of {renewable energy|solar energy|sustainable energy|low carbon generation|cold fusion|wind power} systems and efficiency programs.”
Add as many of these as possible throughout the document. Don’t bother with obvious one-word synonyms that can be found in the thesaurus – the program will do that; replacing “cities” with {cities|towns|communities}

5Send us the article, first without synonyms, then with.

We will submit your article to over 1000 article sites… there is about a 50 – 70% success rate. Each time it is submitted, the synonyms will be swapped out so that the article will be different with every submission. We will submit 20 articles a day so that the search engines will see the gradual increase in interest about your site.
We have had tremendous success with this program and systems like it are widely used. We cannot, though, provide any guarantees that this will impact your standings in the search engine or that the article directories will accept your article. Although it has never happened, we are not responsible if this has a negative impact on your standing. Search engine criteria are subject to change to any time.
If you would like to go ahead with this process, the cost for the submission system is $199 per article. If you would like us to write the article, add $75.00. To get started, please call or order below.
Article Submission


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