Peer Group

Now Forming: CEO Peer Support Group

  • No fees,
  • Virtual meetings,
  • High level of commitment.

We are forming a group of CEO’s of companies with annual revenues of 3m+ to video conference monthly to support one another, ask questions, exchange information, and learn together.

No Catch. There is no charge for membership or meetings. I have been in Vistage and researched Mastermind groups in the past, and found them extremely helpful, but absurdly expensive. I resented paying some company for the privilege of getting together with my peers. As I grow my company from 5 to 10m, I need help, support, and encouragement from people who are going through, or have gone through the same things. Don’t you? 

Our Group. Meetings will be held monthly at a time agreed to by all. They will be online using some video conference software. We all agree to attend all meetings with, perhaps, two exceptions per year. Membership will probably be limited to 12 people. New policies and new members are accepted by consensus.

Interested? The application process involves submitting your resume/CV and a Skype interview. Strict confidentiality agreements by all. Expenses, if any, will be shared equally by the group and are expected to be minimal (conference software, speaker’s fees if desired.) Interested in this? Please send a resume/CV/Bio to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Warm Regards,


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